Know Your Diamond – Colour

Out of hundreds of recognised gemstones 
in the world today, only the diamond is worthy for an engagement ring, the enduring symbol of love and commitment. A diamond is brilliant, returning more white light to the eye. It disperses fire and scintillates with reflected and refracted light. A diamond is rare and it endures, being the hardest natural substance on earth and the purest of all gemstones.

“ When buying a diamond, 
it helps to know about the 4C’s:
Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. ”

  • Diamonds come in a range of natural colours, from totally colourless to yellow
  • The best diamond is colourless, because it acts as a prism, allowing light to pass effortlessly through and be transformed into rainbows of colour
  • Colour is a personal choice – choose your diamond based on how its subtle shade appeals to you.

At K. M. Oli Mohammed, the colour of
 each diamond is determined by comparing
 it to authenticated “master diamonds”. Each stone is then colour-graded to a precise scale from “D” (colourless) to “Z” (saturated). Only diamonds with “H” colour or better are accepted. It should be noted that coloured diamonds are highly valued and have their own separate grading system.

Certain diamonds glow when exposed to UV light. Under certain lighting, this fluorescence can mask the colour of a diamond and make it appear whiter. K. M. Oli Mohammed will not accept diamonds with strong fluorescence.

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