Know your Jewellery

Why Buy Fine Jewellery

There is no gift more associated with love, sentiment, quality and lasting beauty than a gift of fine jewellery. It can be addressed as a piece of sculpture on a small scale or a miniature work of art. It is a visual as well as a sensual experience.

The Psychological Reasons

Classic collectors’ motivations range from the lust for wealth to simple appreciation for a hand-held beautiful object, to superstitious belief in its talismanic power.

Giving jewels as gifts establishes a lasting bond between giver and recipient. Traditionally, jewels were the gift of a man to a woman, the subliminal expression of a desire for physical possession.

The Real Thing

We are more keenly aware of the materials in a fine jewel than a bronze sculpture or painting. In wearing fine jewellery, we unite ourselves to the substances of which the world is made – metals, minerals etc.

Basic Function

Jewellery has only one function – to adorn. The purposes for which people adorn themselves may vary (being a form of self-expression), but the underlying aim is constant…elevating the wearer’s status among his/her peers.

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