Behind every great brand exists an inspiring story site. This is ours
Modern Elegance

A tradition we can trust

For all who have had the privilege of walking into a KM Oli Mohamed showroom, the palpable sense of anticipation is understandable. There at a quiet corner, you might catch a glimpse of our master jeweller at work, holding a precious stone to light, his sharp eyes following the contours of a rare gem that would soon adorn Hollywood stars, the rich and famous and members of the royal family.

Take a seat. Marvel at the glittery display all around you – the rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, tie-pins, buttons, brooches – all coming together like a symphonic orchestra.

In a few moments, you will discover why they keep coming back for more.

Owning a KM Oli Mohamed masterpiece is an intimate experience; each of us has a personal story to tell. What first caught our eyes could be the clean lines, the dazzling magnificence, the stunning elegance or the curious design. But as we put it on us, we slowly discover an unspoken bond between the piece and the wearer; an intimacy that will last a lifetime.

For over 100 years, we have lost count how many have walked out of our showrooms, having found that one piece of jewellery that will become a part of their lives. They would leave with a new sense of purpose, a new identity and a companion for life.

“For one does not simply pick a piece; the piece picks you instead.” – KM Oli Mohamed

Humble Beginnings

A Tradition Of Excellence

This is what makes us do what we do. This is how we know we have stayed true to the vision of that young boy from India who came to Singapore in 1914 – one K.M.Oli Mohamed – who would soon a world-renowned royal jeweller.

Opening a small shop in High Street selling mainly inexpensive costume jewellery, he created his own series of genuine gold and gem-set jewellery, crafted by highly reputable Ceylonese goldsmiths. Soon he started importing jewellery from England, France, Italy and Germany. As his name spread far and wide, he was conferred the title “Royal Jeweler – one by Prince Purachatra of Siam and the other by the late Sultan of Terengganu.

Today, his children run his business, faithfully adhering to the time-tested mantra of their patriarch: “Quality, Reliability, Service and Competitive Pricing”. 100 years have passed since K.M.Oli Mohamed sold his very first piece of jewellery, and the company has since charged on, pushing boundaries and reaching new frontiers.

The next 100 years will be a new story to tell.